J. Andy Soria, PhD.

Current director of the Berglund Center.

Nicole Nowlin


A previous student staff member at BCIS and Pacific University Alumni returning to oversee the BCIS programming.


Student Staff

Maria Blando

Education and Learning Major, with TESOL Minor
Lead Publicity and Marketing

I promote the activities, events, and awards of the Berglund Center to the Pacific University community through print, graphical, and electronic means. I also create advertisements for our regularly scheduled events, like Roundtables, and regularly post updates about our achievements and upcoming events on the Pacific website and social media sites.

I'm super lucky to be working at the Berglund Center for Internet Studies because there are so many things to do here that help me personally, academically, and professionally. I like that one of the Center's focuses is the improvement of their student employees. On top of that, the atmosphere in the office is very welcoming and clean, which makes me enjoy working here.

Conner Cousins

Sociology Major
Student Researcher

I observe websites devoted to conversation about Spanish cinema, with the end goal of creating our own.

I'm very excited to see what the end product turns out to be, and everything that can be learned along the way.

Matt Dela Peña

International Business Major
Publicity and Marketing Assistant

I assist the publicity and marketing head in various ways to promote the Berglund Center and the events it holds throughout the year.

Not only has the Berglund Center helped refine my aptitude in design and marketing, as well as in various other technology-related skills, it has given me the experiences necessary to work in a team environment.

Kristina Nagai

Biology Major with Japanese Minor
Web Developer

I create and maintain web pages by using HTML, CSS, and PHP. Working at BCIS has been a very rewarding experience. I enjoy learning more about the internet and bing able applying this knowledge as I code for pages. I was able to go from having some knowledge in web design to successfully creating a new layout from scratch.

We have a very close-knit staff and an amazing boss who really encourages individual creativity. I am always amazed by what we are able to accomplish together.

Joshua Siva

Computer Science Major
Systems Operator and Lab Manager

Whenever technology in the lab breaks, my job is to make it less broken. I also give out advice for a reasonable fee, and I research things that I find interesting or that might be of use for G2CS or right here at BCIS. As a side note:

I think the internet and robots are neat, but robot internet makes me think of skynet, and that is not so neat.

Lauren Toothaker

Public Health major with Spanish minor
Student Researcher

I am working for my Spanish professor to help him to create an international website for movie discussions.

Working for Berglund has given me opportunities to learn and to better understand different aspects of computer resources.