The Association for Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast

The Association for History and Computing

Apple: Thanks to Apple for their generous support of our TransPacific Interactive Classrooms project.

Digimarc: Digimarc participated in the Berglund Roundtable series.

Duboff Law: A small law firm in Portland with an emphasis on intellectual property which concentrates on business and civil litigation. Duboff Law Group writes for Interface and advises for Berglund Center on legal issues. For recent articles published outside Interface, see:

Lingo Systems: Lingo Systems supports the Berglund Center in the localization of their electronic sites and supports the Roundtable Series.

Lunar Logic: Lunar Logic participated in the Berglund Roundtable series.

LUNARR: LUNARR participated in the Berglund Roundtable series.

netVigilance: netVigilance has provided software for the Berglund Center and is working with us on vulnerability assessment issues.

SakéOne: SakéOne supports the 2008 Berglund Summer Institute.

Swan Island Networks, Inc: Swan Island Networks assists the Berglund Center in issues dealing with trusted collaboration.


We are grateful to grants received from:

The NorthWest Academic Computing Consortium

Mr. Gordon Zimmerman

Wenzhou Medical College


NSF grant number 0940545- Grant awarded for the Girls Gather for Computer Science.