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We are interested in articles dealing with the Internet’s effect on areas, including (but not limited to): economics, business, politics, education, literature, philosophy, health care, and international conflict.

In the spirit of reaching a broad audience, Interface has two different submission tracks: first, a process designed for articles by professionals that will undergo peer review; and second, articles for authors seeking publication without peer review, aimed at a more general audience.


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Provider and Recipient Perceptions and Utilization of Email in Healthcare

By Susan Glinka, PhD Candidate at Pacific University


This study examines patient-provider email communication. Digital communication has changed the way people communicate but there is slow implementation of electronic communication in healthcare. A sample of 110 individuals was surveyed regarding their perceptions and utilization of electronic communication in healthcare. The current study found that 5.6% of healthcare providers contact recipients via email. The results show that 76% recipient participants feel positively toward email communication in healthcare; but only 44% of the healthcare providers feel positively toward provider-patient email communication. Finally the primary concerns surrounding electronic communication in healthcare are legal and privacy issues.

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