Style Guide


  • Submissions are expected as .doc/.docx e-mail attachments. Please send your submission to
  • Graphics are expected to be in .gif, .jpg, or .png format. These must be graphics to which you have a clear right of use.
  • We are not tolerant of plagiarism, and do check for such practices as a part of our editing process.
  • Submissions accepted for publication, will be awarded $100 upon posting.  An author may submit up to two articles a year.
  • Please provide a list of key words


  • Submissions should be no more than five pages in length, single-spaced, one inch margins, including all notes, references, and endnotes; this should be about 1000-1500 words excluding notes and references.


  • Use Cambria, size 11, font
  • Use only one space after the end of a sentence.
  • Use italics to emphasize words. Periodicals and book titles should be italicized.
  • Do not underline.


  • Use numerals for ages, money, percentages, days of the month, degrees, hours of the day, dimensions, scores, room numbers, page or chapter numbers, and street numbers.
  • Except for those in the preceding rule, spell out single-digit numbers and use numerals for numbers 10 and greater.

Internet Terms

Should appear as the following:

  • log in, log off, log out (when used as verbs), login, logoff, logout (when used as nouns or adjectives)
  • e-mail, online, home page, webmaster, webcast, and Internet

Citing Sources

  • Follow American Psychological Association (APA) citing.
  • Use Endnotes. Endnotes should be numbered (ex. 1, 2, 3.), The numbers should be put in brackets after the period at the end of a sentence (ex. [3])
  • When possible, include links to external sites in endnotes instead of in the text.

Manuscript Submission

  • If a manuscript is to be peer reviewed, remove all information that might be used in identifying the author before submitting.
  • Author should provide a reliable e-mail address for communications with The Berglund Center.
  • If an article is approved for publication, the author will be asked to provide a personal biography with a digital headshot.
  • Note: All submissions should be accompanied by the Interface Submission form


Please note: The BCIS Journal welcomes inquiries. E-mail questions to: